New Life is a Central/North London Church with an all age congregation made up of people from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We are very much a local church with a focus on North London, and are a size to effectively care for every person who wants to be a part of New Life.

There are lots of excellent churches in London, and finding one that suits you as a student is important and worth the effort of visiting some of them. If you are studying in London - you'll love New Life, if you are looking to get involved and serve during your time here. We are an all age Church and the students that come to New Life, choose it because they want something that's different from their student scene at Uni and want to relate to young and old as well other students. We are good on hospitality and lots of things in the Church revolve around nice food - very appealing to students on a budget! Looking around the website gives you a flavour of what happens at New Life, but please feel free to come along on a Sunday morning to try us out.